Small businesses are an integral part of the American economy. In Cook County alone, entrepreneurship has been the key to helping achieve prosperity and promoting employment, and is essential to strengthening our economy at large. As the president of a law firm having over 50 attorneys and employing over 100 people, Bill is intimately aware of the importance of entrepreneurism.

As Commissioner, Bill will:

  • Support and encourage the private investors that help finance hundreds of new and expanding companies in the city and state.
  • Support and promote initiatives that promote entrepreneurship for women of color. This is especially significant among Black and Hispanic women, who are among the fastest growing entrepreneurial segments in the county;
  • Identify new, creative ways to increase access to capital, especially for women and people of color. This is especially significant for minority business owners, who rarely share the same level of access to capital as their white counterparts, as well as female entrepreneurs, who must also contend with ingrained gender bias.