I have exciting news to share: My first piece of legislation passed unanimously through the Cook County Board! Thank you to all of my fellow Commissioners for supporting the Good Faith Effort Transparency Report. CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW to see when the legislation passed.

How the Good Faith Effort Transparency Report benefits Cook County: Promotes more participation of MBEs and WBEs; Addresses concerns of all constituents county-wide regarding government transparency; & Aids in more efficient government practices and cost.

CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW to see when the Good Faith Effort Transparency Report passed!

  1. This is a great step, but we need to do even more to empower those local Black advocacy groups who do not have the capacity to keep up with the demands put on them in preparing local Black MBE/WBE’s for those subcontracting and other opportunities. That lack of capacity continues to make it easy for majority contractors to state how they cannot find qualified Black MBE/WBE sub contractors. Thanks for HEARING MY VOICE. Mark Allen, Chairman of National Black Wall Street Chicago, NFP., a current MBE/WBE Assist Agency with the City Of Chicago

  2. John C. BEE says:

    With you on the Board Bill, I anticipate relevant and significant legislative action. Congratulation and the best.


    • Commissioner Bill Lowry says:

      I hear your voice and thank you for noting that there remains much work to do!

      Thank you for your support and confidence.

  3. Marvin Hunter says:

    Hello Bill great job at getting This bill pass and advocating for everyday citizens and helping to get participation in the MBE programs with the county.

    Thank you.

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